Carolina Grooming has been serving the low country and surrounding areas since 1995, providing quality professional grooming for all dog breeds. We offer a family-like atmosphere and have a warm, jovial staff that loves caring for animals. Here at Carolina Grooming, our motto is warm hearts for cold noses because we give "Lhasa" love for your pets.
Benefits of Grooming

All Breeds of Dog Grooming

Getting your pet groomed is not just about making your dog look beautiful. There are also health, emotional, and physical benefits to regular grooming. The benefits of having your pet groomed regularly include making your pet more comfortable, clean, and can contribute to a longer, healthier life.

Grooming is also an excellent socialization-teaching tool and can help reduce stress levels in your pet, which will make your pet more outgoing, friendly and less aggressive. Also, our professionally trained groomers will pay particular attention to your pets ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, pads and the anal region as well as other areas that would go without notice in daily life.